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Not done yet.

Long day just keeps on going.  Got up quite early today after a long day at work yesterday, and a few drinks after last night.  The reason for the early rise? Shot a Parkinson’s Disease walk out in Central Park in NYC.  It was great.  Now I have to go through some 200 shots.  Will be posted up in the gallery soon enough, and perhaps up on Flickr.  Right now, I’m trekking back to the city to work at the Cathedral of St. John’s the Divine.


I thought this was the weekend.

Too Much

I really needed to upload some more photos and keep adding to my site, as well as filling in my zenfolio, but I am just out of energy.  So this weekend, hopefully I can tweak the main site here, and at least have a few things up on my ZenFolio.  No new news today, since I didn’t really check my emails, or surf around.

Happy Friday all!