So I finally got it! A couple of day’s earlier too!  What, you may ask, did I finally get, The HTC Droid Incredible, and like it’s namesake, it is just that.

I’m not going in to detail just yet, but so far, it’s a pretty spiffy phone. This is my first time really using an Android based phone, but so far, I’m liking it.  The form factor itself, for me, is a bit awkward. I do prefer the Blackberry Storms, wider and thicker body, as it was easier for me to hold, but I’m sure I’ll get used to this one.  When holding with my right hand, I have a hard time reaching the ‘Home’ key.  Weight wise, it’s lighter than the Storm.

Typing is easier than I thought it would be, w/ a haptic feedback to let you know you’ve pressed something.  I kind of prefer the physical press from the Storm, but again, just time to get used to it.  I’ve opened up apps, or messages I didn’t intend to, since I just happen to tap it, vs. on the Storm, I have to physically press the screen.

Navigating around on HTC’s Sense UI is fairly easy, but I will hold back anything else right now, since I haven’t figured out how to customize the home screens.

App wise, w/ the pre-loaded apps, they work well.  I like Google maps here as it offers turn by turn (an Android exclusive), directions.  The Friend stream app is alright, but kind of clunky (or I may just have to get used to it)

I prefer the Facebook app on the Blackberry, since it’s more, streamlined I think.

The camera, from what I’ve done with it, is great.  The AMOLED screen is amazingly beautiful.

I love how the way it handles contacts and what not.  You can link your contact w/ their face book manually (unlike on the Blackberry, it had to match the name, or email and you can’t just link it as easy as on this thing), as well as any Google search results it finds w/ that name.

One cool feature I did find was the ‘silent on pickup’ option.  It basically lowers the volume automatically when it senses movement.  Awesome!  I so hate people that let the phone ring to voice mail and not silence the ringer.

Anyway, that’s my first impression’s on the very little time I’ve spent w/ the phone so far.  I’ll take some photos later, comparing it to the Storm, and maybe, add to this as well.

I am however having Crackberry withdrawals.  As much personal issues as I was having w/ the Storm as of late, I still miss it’s streamlined email setup, and the LED, that blinking LED, green for no updates, red for ‘hey pick me up, I got some new shit to show you’