Calumet’s On-Site Background back in stock.

Calumets brilliant On-Site background system is back in stock again. These kits cost under $200.00 USD, are ultra portable, and can be set up in minutes. Great for on site portrait shoots and the like.  I own one of these and they are very handy. Great for 3/4 body shots and head shots.  Doesn’t quite work well on full body, but, it can be worked around quite easily.

Calumet On-Site

The return of Bob and Steve (hopefully)

I was watching yesterday’s X-Play, and they have an all week in depth look at the new Splinter Cell game from Ubi Soft.  That game looks amazing by the way, and I am looking forward to it.  Having said that, I so hope X-Play brings back Splinter Cell Co-Op Theater featuring special agent Bob and secret agent Steve.  It was one of the funniest skits they did at X-Play.

More on the episode, I was surprised that they gave Yakuza 3 a 4 out of 5.  I played the demo some weeks back, and it just didn’t grab me that much, though it was just a demo, so I should give the game a bit more of a chance. Maybe after I get through FF XIII and God of War 3.

Anyway, here’s a refresher on Splinter Cell Co-Op Theater.

Music in games

Came across this article about music and video games, and it got me thinking, what has been some of the memorable tracks I’ve ever heard. Most i’d like to say have come from yesteryear, the day’s of NES and SNES.  Mega Man 2, Ghost’s and Goblins, Super Mario Bros. to name a few.  Over the past few year’s this group called the Mini-Bosses have been a staple on my Zune as their rendition of the Mega Man 2 tracks, and Punch-Out is just amazing.

Not too long ago, I went to see Video Games Live. It was an awesome experience, thought, not all the tracks that were played were memorable for me, but hearing Metal Gear Solid performed live, as well as a few others (Chrono Trigger for one) just made my heart skip a beat, and made me feel all warm and tingly inside.

Music in games today are amazing, very immersive, but it just doesn’t hit that spot the old stuff used to.  Maybe it’s too much going on? Certainly a far cry from the old Midi days. I can’t quite pin-point it.  I’ve been playing some of the great games that’s ever been released as of late (Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Final Fantasy XIII), and as I mentioned, awesome scores, but, it never stuck in my head. (though, the main theme of Uncharted is implanted somewhat on my head, but it’s due to the fact that it’s on both 1 and 2, and i’ve left my it on the title screen w/ that playing for some time)

I still say, that opening theme to Mega Man 2 is by far my all time favorite and it gets me amped everytime I hear it.

Original Article that I read:

Game Culture: Good game without music

Original Mega Man 2 Theme


Tonight’s 24 was a bit sublime. There was a lot of gun play, but I thought that scene in the dock’s dragged too long. I did enjoy the fact that Chloe did what she did best, be an asshole.  That’s the Chloe we all know and love. Let’s face it though, that NSA guy had it coming to him.  Nice to see Renee Walker back again, and Brian Hastings is slowly, but surely making his way on my good list.

That side story with Dana was pissing me off, but now it took a nice turn, a twist I was not expecting at all. She’s in w/ the enemy.  It’s just getting better.

I must say, Nazneen Contractor (Kayla Hassan) is one of the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on.

Uncle Jack

Mr. Kanarek posted this via FB, and it’s quite awesome. Shot totally with a Pentax K-x body, and various Pentax Lenses.

Three Hundred

Folding laundry whilst watching the epic movie 300. This just doesn’t get old. ‘SPARTA!’

and why oh why do I keep going on Farmville. WHY!? it sucks the life out of you.

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